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Through your Broker or Financial Institution:

The Hussman Funds are available through brokerages including E-Trade, Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Company, TD Waterhouse, Brown & Company, and many others. The Hussman Funds are independent and unaffiliated with these brokerages. If you are interested in purchasing the Fund and it is not yet available at your brokerage, please ask their representative to contact us at 1-800-487-7626.

An account may be opened by mail or bank wire, as follows:

By Mail:

To open a new account by mail

General Account Application

Regular IRA Application

Roth IRA Application

Education IRA Application

Please read the Prospectus carefully before you invest or send money. Download, complete and sign the appropriate account application. Enclose a check payable to the Fund you are purchasing (Hussman Strategic Growth Fund, Hussman Strategic Total Return Fund, Hussman Strategic International Equity Fund or Hussman Strategic Allocation Fund). Mail the application and the check to the Fund’s transfer agent at the following address:

Hussman Investment Trust
Shareholder Services
P.O. Box 46707
Cincinnati, OH 45246

By Wire:

To open a new account by wire, call the transfer agent at 1-800-HUSSMAN (513-326-3551 outside the United States). A representative will assist you in obtaining an account application by download, fax or mail, which must be completed, signed, and faxed (or mailed) to the transfer agent before payment by wire may be made. The fax number of the transfer agent is 513-587-3438. Once your account information is received, the transfer agent will provide an account number for you. The representative will also provide information necessary for you to provide payment instructions to your financial institution.

Your order is considered received when U.S. Bank, the Fund’s custodian receives payment by wire. However, the completed account application must be mailed to the Transfer Agent on the same day the wire payment is made. See “Opening an Account – By Mail” above for the address.

The minimum investment in the Hussman Funds is $1000. Once an account is opened, additional purchases of Fund shares may be made at any time in minimum amounts of $100. For IRA accounts and gifts-to-minors, the minimums are $500 for initial investments and $50 for additional purchases.

The Prospectus contains more information about buying shares, subsequent investments, and share redemptions.

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