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Collision Course: Monetary Tightening Meets an Easy Money Bubble

As central banks have shifted to almost purely discretionary monetary policies, investors have lost the anchor of observable economic data. Rising rates of inflation are already more persistent than anyone would have guessed, and the first global monetary tightening cycle in more than five years is likely to begin, amid record market valuations.
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Seven Considerations for Global Stock Market Investors

Seven considerations for global investors, highlighting specific drivers that will determine the longer-term spread between U.S. and global markets, the current state of those drivers, and what changes in these components of total return may look like over the coming decade.
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Strategic Allocation (White Paper)

Aligning asset allocations with the valuations that drive long-term returns, while adjusting exposure to allow for shorter-term risk-aversion or speculation among market participants, is a systematic way to respond to the ever-changing landscape of investment risk and opportunity.
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